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Step 1.

Make .WAV files with Exact Audio Copy. Put in the name and date of the show at the top Under “Artist” and “Title.” Click on the 4th button from the BOTTOM LEFT called “WAV.”







Step 2. Save the wavs.






Step 3. Open the windows Explorer and go to the folder where the wavs are saved.





Open Flac frontend so you can see both programs.



Step 4. Highlight or “select” all the .wav files.

After you select all the files, LEFT click and hold the LEFT button down on your mouse and move the files into the window of the program Flac Frontend. Your screen should look like this.





After you have all the files in Flac Frontend, make sure Verify and Align on sector boundaries is checked and it is at either level 7 or 8.


Next, click “Encode.”


Your screen should look like this:




Where it says “Output Directory,” on the Flac Frontend program, make a new folder and call it “Flac Output.” (You can click on the button to the right of “Output Directory” on the flac frontend program and make a new folder.)


When it’s finished, your flac output folder should have the files in it:





Cut the files and paste them back in the same folder as the wavs.







Next, click “Clear” on flac frontend. Then highlight all the .flac files and “Drag and Drop” or move them into the flac program.




Then click “Fingerprint.” Save the fingerprint file in the same folder as the flac files.




Remove the .Wav files and your folder should look like this.



Then just burn the folders with Nero Express after you’ve made several of them. Enough to fill a DVD.