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Da Rules is:



1. Nothing is for sale.  Hopefully, there are no official releases here, if there are any, please let me know and I will remove it from da list.

2. Use quality Media.  A trade is not fair if I send you discs that are guaranteed to last a minimum of 100 years and you send me wal-mart discs.  Face it, you cannot buy quality cdrs or dvdrs at local stores.  I use Taiyo-Yuden silver discs.  Here is some useful information:   Here is a good place to buy media:  I buy DVD-R media here:

3. Do Not Stick notes directly to discs with tape or post-it notes.  I have peeled tape off discs removing part of the disc deeming it unplayable.

4. Always place at least a piece of paper between discs.  DO NOT send me discs touching each other.  I will send and accept discs in individual ziplock sandwich bags, paper envelopes, plastic sleeves, & just about anything else as long as the discs are in excellent, clean shape when I receive them.

5. Burn discs in Disc at Once mode (DAO).  If you are unfamiliar with this go here: 

6. I do not accept MP3 sourced shows.  Please check your shows using Exact Audio Copy or comparable software to ensure that they are not .MP3 sourced.  There is a great tutorial that shows you how to detect .MP3 sourcing using EAC.  Check it out:

7. I am interested in QUALITY NOT QUANTITY.

8. Communication is very important when trading.  Feel free to email me as many times as you feel necessary.